These are the Thinkpath spindles  stock replacement Howe Impala and the one on the right is the new mod spindle with the steering arm adjustment.

So one of the products we make has become very popular is the tire cart. This car is very light and can be lifted with on hand. It come in two different configurations steel solid wheels or plastic air filled wheels which are the lightest wheel on the market. The cart is made in all aluminum frame and with the plastic wheels there will be nothing to rust the axles are stainless steel with stainless steel blots and aluminum caps. If you are interested in one please contact us for pricing.

 New for 2016 an external bump stop set up the tube is made of high quality stainless steel. And aluminum tops with 3/8 rod end on each end. Anyone who uses bump stops know it is a pain when you want to change a shock now it is easy there is no guess work you can have a shock with springs already on them to install without messing with your bump stop. These are mounted beside your shock and spring setup and it has the travel indicator on the side again they can be a pain to adjust with the indicators on the shock they always get in the way.

 All new tire rollers for 2018 we have started production on them and should be ready for early Jan. These are for checking stagger on your tires with out killing your back once you use one you will wonder why these have not been made earlier.

We also make drawings to your needs.

Custom designed and built Tire cart.

Nose kits to mount the lower plastic strip we also make the kits 25 in a set. On the right side is manufactured lower control arm make from square tubing so they will not rotate with the sway bar.

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 We manufacture and sell wheel fans for all of the bolt patterns 5 bolt which will work on 4 1/2" to 5 x 5 also wide 5 to fit all the hubs. We also make 4 x 4 for mini stocks again they will work on all bolt patterns. They do much more then cool brakes they also pull air from under the car whether its just engine heat or down force it pulls that air out. Also there is not a cheaper way to do this then using wheel fans!!

Wheel fans!

Nose mounting kits

Wheel Fans

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