New for 2016 is Aluminum Wheel fans very excited for these there is nothing on the market that even compares to these. They are the lightest and work like a heat sink drawing the heat in to the fan then pushing the hot air out. Get your today!

 We also offer shock rebuild and setup to what ever your needs are you tell me what you want the shock to be and we can make it. They all come with shock dyno sheets so you know what the shock is and how it will react.

Thinkpath design was started in 2010 with the goal of providing support services for the growing cad industry in the Hometown area.  Our team has brought together our varied backgrounds in computer design science, proce
ss management, and experience in both large industry and small family businesses.  We strive to meet the needs of small and expanding manufacturing producers and specialize in process control, quality assurance systems, records management, and interactions with regulatory agencies.

As a cad company we are devoted to help companies design and get there products to the market place. We offer lots of options for our customer’s simple cad and drawings to complex assemblies and also renderings! We can design an idea with your needs and wants mind or if you have a certain design with hand drawn sketches we can make it happen!

 There are so many ways we can make design your friend. If you need something done in cad we are the ones to do it. All of our work is done in Solidworks but can be converted to what format you need.

Cad then to renderings

Thinkpath Design specializes in providing support services to meet the needs of small and expanding manufacturing. We can help streamline your operations to increase efficiency, ease interaction with inspection agencies, and maximize profits. Our services include:

*Design your product with your requirements

*make renderings of your product

*Run simulation if required

*Do a fit and function in cad with the product

*Create drawings and cad models of the product

*apply tolerances to the product for fuction

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